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after 5

After 5 helps develop youth by providing information to students who lack access to information and opportunities. The students are exposed to available choices, information and resources before making the right decision based on their interests, motivation and potential. In the long term, we want the youth in the country to make informed choices about their life/career path through opportunities we provide them. It is named After 5, as the target beneficiary are students after Form 5 (secondary school) yet also meant for the corporate partners and communities involved after working hours (After 5…pm onwards).

Problem Statement


High school graduates in less privileged areas of Malaysia face difficulties upon graduation from lack of access to information and skill-sets necessary to help them succeed in the 21st century. 1/5 of the Malaysian population is made up of youth. It is important for these leaders to be well groomed and prepared to lead at national, regional and international level. Our information infrastructure encompasses both access to Internet and role models available for youth to emulate.


  • Sustainability – Once piloted and executed in local communities, stakeholders are able to run the projects with minimal support from GSKL

  • Replicable – At the end of the pilot stage, teachers and the youth are able to share outcomes with other communities and encourage adaptation of the programme

  • Scalability- At the end of the pilot, the youth are able to produce an adaptable module for other communities that face similar challenges

  • Acknowledgement by the local government – We envision that the local government certify and support the development of the programme after running a few series of programmes

  • Buy-in from local communities – At the end of the pilot, stakeholders gain in-depth trust and support from the selected communities to keep the programme running

Investigate, connect,

Share, interact

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