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Here in South East Asia, we neither have the time or luxury to be debating on wether it’s real or not real, climate change is happening. Our level of awareness is still low even though scientists have confirmed that we are now in the sixth extinction event on Earth, In the next seven decades, we could lose half of the species of life that inhabits this Earth and there’s no guarantee that humans will make the cut.


At this juncture, do you know what is healthy environment? What actually makes this Earth habitable?





Malaysia is experiencing climate catastrophe with the same magnitude as the rest of the world. Despite the urgency, our awareness on climate change is low. What makes it worst is that many of us do not know where to start.

why we do it

how we do it

  • Better Living is designed with a holistic view on healthy environment.
    A framework of active participation and collective brainstorming is designed to improve climate change awareness among members of community. 


  • Our project starts with a photojournalism contest to gather youth perspectives on what makes earth habitable. This will help us to gather the climate catastrophe country-wide. Following that, publics will be able to join our talk and sharing session, climate change exhibition and also community design thinking workshop. We want to increase the climate change awareness level and at the same time equip everyone with the knowledge on how to act on climate!

Be part of the journey!

Snap, write, and post! The competition aims to provide a youth perspective on the climate change and environment through a creative approach in the form of photojournalism. Stand a change to have your masterpiece showcased on GSKL’s social media and in a public exhibition by GSKL. Ensuing press coverage on winning submissions should help to raise public awareness on impact areas.



For more information, please contact us at

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A Habitable Earth Project


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