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BetterStreets is an urban rejuvenation project that identifies run-down urban spaces in KL; inspires local stakeholders to take action in rejuvenating such spaces through art; and connects municipal authority to at-risk communities who needed public street amenities. Our team would adopt several run-down urban spaces in downtown KL, and create prominent art murals or installations to improve the aesthetics or functional values for passers-by. This is a community-driven initiative, and our team heavily involves youth volunteers and freelance artist to run this. Our team offers our resources and established connections with Kuala Lumpur City Hall and ThinkCity as grant provider.

Problem Statement


Everyone has the right to a beautiful and functional city, but KL is not perfect in this regard. With mega-infrastructure developments on the rise, many historical icons and streets in Kuala Lumpur are displaced by newer installations, overlooked by authorities or forgotten by communities. This causes imbalanced urban space development and challenges for building more liveable environment in this robust city.


To encourage at-risk communities to reclaim underappreciated urban spaces, hence foster civic responsiveness to care for such spaces.

Connect, catalyse

paint, create

Next Steps:

  • To connect more volunteers with local communities, grant providers and municipal authority involed in urban space management.

  • To catalyse community drive efforts for urban space rejuvenation and sustainable development.

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