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The Food For All project aims to create a cohort of social change agents who will engage deeply with local communities to improve access to a sufficient diet. Together we can achieve much more, and we aim to partner with corporations to connect with their selected beneficiaries most in need of food. More broadly, the project also aims to raise awareness of the hidden hunger crisis faced by urban minorities.

Problem Statement


Vulnerable groups such as growing children and the elderly population from low income groups generally do not pay much attention to their dietary needs. It is not surprising therefore that studies have shown that these groups are highly deficient in iron, calcium and vitamin B among other nutrients. This could lead to a range of problems such as malnutrition (i.e. stunted growth in children, underweight, overweight cases) and other significant health problems.  The Food for All Project helps to address this social problem within the Malaysian community.


This project supports and promotes the wellbeing and health of disadvantaged people, reduce socio-economic disparities and enhance the welfare of neglected children.


Outcome desired:

  • Urban minorities in Kuala Lumpur receive Food For All suspended meals.

  • Young professionals work with local partners and connect with urban minorities to increase access to staple foods among the needy.

  • Young professionals work with children’s homes, soup kitchens or homeless children to educate and empower.

  • All contributors share the mindset that eradicating hunger is a community responsibility.

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