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The HeadsUp! Project aims to improve awareness level of mental health issues in Malaysia as well as the world by working with local communities and educational institutions. We spearhead this mission by organizing a collaborative public-professional engagement to to the local communities as well as in the region.

Why we do Head's Up?


From our public survey last year, we discovered that there is a significant knowledge gap among Malaysians when it comes to basic understanding of mental health issues. Most Malaysians do not know the basic understanding of mental health and further the symptoms of mental chaos. Low level of awareness among the community members resulted in poor general engagement with those experiencing mental health issues, leaving them muted. Furthermore, there is a revolving negative stigma on mental health which need to be addressed to avoid public discrimination.

Head's Up aim and objective

Global Shapers Kuala Lumpur aspire to be the leading Malaysian youth organisation in championing the mental health awareness and acceptance in the region.

The project aims to empower members of community with the basic understanding  of mental health and the issues pertaining to it. Consequently, the project will organize public-professional engagement to increase the awareness level and fight the stigma around mental health.


Head's Up also will collaborate with our fellow Global Shapers Community around the world to deliver collective action in promoting healthy mental status and combating the negative stigma among communities around the world.

Our motto

It's okay not to be okay!

Participate in our Mental Health Public Survey this year!

Head's Up is organizing a yearly public survey to get a brief idea about the level of mental health awareness among Malaysia. The survey is intended to gauge both knowledge of and attitudes to mental health. This survey is not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool and all response are regarded as anonymous and will not be shared to third party provider. By agreeing to answer this survey, you have consented us to gather public anonymous data for our study.

This survey will take an average of 5 minutes to be completed. Click on this link to start your survey.

Thank you for your contribution!

it's okay not to be okay!

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