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Impact Advisors provides coaching and connections from industry experts, functional experts, and experienced social entrepreneurs to social entrepreneurs that are getting started or who are looking for advice to take their social enterprise to the next level. Social entrepreneurs can request coffee with an expert in their area of interest. Experts in operations management, private equity, leadership, social enterprise, and social media have all agreed to lend their expertise

Problem Statement


Many social entrepreneurs or people looking to become social entrepreneurs hit a point where they need to get advice to take their venture to the next level. Although this kind of advice is crucial — figuring out a specific operational issue or gaining insight into how a particular industry works — but it isn’t always easy to find.


  • To ensure social entrepreneurs in Malaysia have access to the knowledge and expertise they need to be successful.

cONtact, discuss

coach, grow

Next Steps:

  • To generate publicity for the programme so that more social entrepreneurs are aware of it

  • To recruit additional advisors

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