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Better Living

Better Living is designed to be a social catalyst with the delivery of a framework to help tackle stereotypes and prejudice of what it means to mature with age. Social stigma has huge impact in shaping the future of our aging nation. And, these stigma stuns economic and social growth of Malaysia. 

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After 5

After 5 assists Form 5 graduates (Post-SPM) to explore their passions and have a clearer direction about their future through module materials, motivational career talks and sharing information about future career path. (Click image for more)

Shapers Speaker Series (SSS)

The SSS is run forum-style and features 3-4 individuals or organisations, followed by an open sharing session. Each individual or organisation has 20 minutes to share their story.

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Heads Up!

The HeadsUp! Project creates awareness of mental health issues in Malaysia by working with communities in workspaces and educational institutions. We spearhead this mission by delivering training programmes to wider communities. 


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Global Gender

Parity Week

Our aim is to create a global movement of Global Shapers working on gender issues in every city in the world to showcase our collective impact as a global community while showcasing the unique challenges, opportunities and solutions around the world.

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Our goal is to connect Hubs in the region and provide a platform for consistent communications, thus allowing for ideas to bloom and regional knowledge sharing.

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Better Streets is an urban rejuvenation that tackles vandalism and promotes community responsibility through art; and connects municipal authority to at-risk communities who needed public street amenities.

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Food For All

Food For All is a meal-packing project that educates children on healthy-eating and delivers well-balanced meals to child care centres and to raise awareness of the hidden hunger crisis faced by urban minorities.

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Impact Advisors provides coaching and connections from industry, functional experts, and experienced social entrepreneurs to social entrepreneurs that are getting started or who are looking for advice.

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My First Job

My First Job is an initiative that targets unemployed fresh graduates from local universities within Klang Valley and faciliates job matching through a series of lectures and workshops facilitated by experts in talent management.

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